Friday, 18 May 2012

1 week to go

oh S&%t ...thats all im thinking right now.

I´ve just come back from a 30 min jog, sneezing like crazy from hayfever. I did a 30 min swim earlier today too....then a 2 hour siesta! Ok im a little jetlagged as I arrived from Miami yesterday and my body is a little confused!
While I was away these 2 weeks I only did 2 runs, and a scary cross fit session (my arms are still hurting) but I ate healthy, hardly drank and dont think ive put on any weight.
Today the swim seemed sticking with the breast stroke as the front crawl is just not working for me.... and the run (jog really) , no problem.
Im still concerned about the bike as my gears are still crap and it will cost too much to get new ones, as its such a short distance I will cope....!!!! (famous last words). On sunday we are doing a run of the bike route, so that should calm me down a bit.
All of this we are actually raising money for a charity......its a personal charity asd it helped my sister and her family take care of my niece before she passed away. You can sponsor and donate here...its a great cause:

This coming week i will continue to train.....a little each day..but take it easier even though I am panicking inside!

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