Thursday, 5 April 2012

Weight Loss

When I first started training for the triathlon, I wasnt thinking about losing weight specifically, to me it was the challenge of actually doing the event..but now of course the weight is dropping off. Of course this started after begining personal training with David ( Ive lost 4.5kg so far. Todays weigh-in was 54.2.

I feel energised, I feel lighter and sprightly. I did a dance rehearsal yesterday and the lifts and the jumps are so much easier, and its only a few kgs we´re talking about here. Im sure my male dancers appreciate this!
I wont get obsessed but its quite motivating and a little addictive. Whats important is that I feel my strength grow and that its me thats feels good not the numbers on the scales.
Currently im getting over a cough so missed a swim session but keeping as active as I can. Might have to go cycling in the rain his weekend...ewww.

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