Saturday, 26 May 2012

I did it!

Im writing after just arriving home from a surreal experience of actually doing the triathlon that ive been training for. Everything I learnt...basically went out the window......due to the swim!!
That was HORRIBLE! As soon as i jumped in i know Iwas in all happened so fast......I swallowed loads of disgusting water ...and then I guess i panicked. My breathing was too fast, I couldnt get my rhythm, there was no way my head was going under otherwise I´d just ingest more water. The shock of that meant that all I was thinking about was how far that buoy looked and whether I could actually do it. At one point I did think that I couldnt. I mean why should I suffer this awful experience. I did only breast stroke (nice and slow) ...and a couple of times went on my back to try and get my breathing under control. I saw fellow swimmers being hauled into the boats that were circling to see if we were ok. It was obvious I was going to be slow and last in this but I decided to continue to at least finish. I mean someone has to be last right?? By the time the person before me left the lake, I was still possible 50 metres or more from the finish. I ended up chatting to the guys in the boat, actually laughing and joking about what the hell I was doing whilst I was swimming.  They were great....very supportive, flirty and fun. Just what I needed to keep me going!

By the time I got on the bike I felt I´d finished the worst part for me. That is an achievement im proud about. The bike and run I had done a few times but obviousely after the swim it meant everything was much slower. Theres a massive hill coming out of the transition area which I didnt train difficult. But I decided I´ll go slow and just keep moving.  The run was fine..although passing people going in the opposite direction jsut forces you to realise how much you still have to go. arghhhh.
My knees did hurt a bit...but the run had only a slight incline and i think I managed to pick up speed on that.
My body is not in as much pain as I thought..just generally tired. I need to wash all the crap off me....and hopefully anything I swallowed isn´t growing inside me! 

Finishing was great. Agreat sense of achievement.
Im not sure how I feel about this experience just yet. I think im still in a bit of shock from the swim (I sound so dramatic i know) and although people say I will now want to do more.....I will have to see about that.
I do plan to continue training....and maybe I will.....the whole experience is surreal, emotional and a little bit scary.

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