Friday, 25 May 2012

Freaking out - 1 day to go

Its like the quiet before the storm. Im sitting here on my sofa listening to the birds knowing that in less the 24 hours i will have finished (hopefully) the event. Im mean its only a triathlon, I should put things into perspective and all!
Today Im going to go to Casa de Campo and pick up the race stuff and also support fellow colleguers from the gymn who are taking part in the Olympic race, and of course see the wohle mayhem that goes into this whole Triathlon. Im not good with crowds (unless im on stage - im little) so im guessing it will make me more anxious but it should inspire me and start the adrenalin flowing.
hopefully i get a good nights sleep. I havent slept good in a few days.....arghhh
Today im not doing any training.....will just chill.....not sure if its psycholgical but my knees are hurting today! 
oh and weight wise...i hit my 53kg all this training has been amazing.
deep breaths...deep breaths...

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