Saturday, 24 March 2012


so this is what im generally sticking to
mon - rest or a run (depending on bike ride the previous day)
tues - gym - with trainer - 1 hour
wed - 30 min swim (then i have my dance class in the evening - 1 hour)
thur - gym - with trainer 1 hour
fri - run - 30 mins(depends on how bad trainer has killed me the previous day)
sat - rest
sun - bike (about an hour or so)

added to this extra dance classes and courses and even line dancing the other keeping as active physically as i can (in between all those episodes of greys anatomy)

im trying to eat as healthy as vice now is rice cakes with chocolate on them. im not drinking (not really a big drinker anyway so wasnt that difficult) ..making lots of juices and smoothies and feeling quite good.

my knees hurt especially after the bike rides but not for me to worry too much. At least my bum isnt hurting so much, ive have got used to the saddle ;-)

weight wise...last weigh in 54.8kg. (although the weight isnt that important to me, i have a mental goal of around 53kg..i think id rock my new dance costume well with that weight !!)

Monday, 12 March 2012

2 weeks in

Well its true what they say....your bum does hurt less from the bike saddle. :-D
ive been doing something nearly everyday for 2 weeks now, its definetely to get myself motivated and Im actually having fun. This evening run by the river was lovely. Athletico Madrid fans would love the view!

My jogs are now my choreography inspiration times, so if you see someone running past you in fuchia pink headphones doing a sudden hand movement....thats me!

I tried the bike route in Casa de Campo yesterday, oh my god that hill. People jogging went past me faster then i could pedal. I didnt stop, but I wanted to cry and sorry Garret (my cycle buddy now it seems! Great singer by the way..check out his band "Track Dogs" ) for being a moaning minnie. He was great, distracting me by chatting so I couldnt "feel" the pain. I will have to try it a few more time to feel confident that I can actually do it.

I guess Im getting into a routine now.
Weight wise..ill update on thurs.