Saturday, 19 May 2012

6 days to go - transitions

so there is this whole lingo when it comes to triathlons....T1 and T2.
T1 is the change between the swim and and run.
theres a whole industry out there with things to make the transition times is a race ya know!
Ive sucumbed to only 2.......elastic laces...they are fab...I feel like a kid again(!).......and a race belt so I don´t have to fiddle with pins. I may save all of 3 seconds..but hey that a big difference between last and second last :-D (i have no illusions of doing this thing in record time.....I just want to finish it!)

Today I tried the transition betwen bike and run. It was mainly to see how my legs felt after cycling for a distance. The distance im doing in the triathlon is quite short so I know I wont get that jelly leg feeling that everyone seems to talk about. I did a 45 min ride ...a gentle one...few hills....but just kept moving really......then dumped the bike at my home and then ran for a bit (15mins). the legs felt heavy but it was manageable. Its going to be impossible to swim in open water before the triathlon but I will try the first transtion as some point this week.
Tomorrow we are meeting in the park to try the full route out, I keep getting lost when I try it alone, so it gives me time to go out again in the week a few times to get used to it!

nearly there.
oh and the nightmares have started.

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