Sunday, 26 February 2012


I decided to buy a bike. Found one secondhand yesterday, flat tyres...but appeared in perfect condition (actually.....what do I know?).....well its blue and pretty and I can touch the floor. I half wheeled it/half carried it home so as not to ruin the tyres anymore.
After inflating them today(bought a pump, water bottel and helmet in the rastro this morning...yay more shopping) I went down to the river again to try it out.

As they say you never forget how to ride a bike, well its true. I have never owned a bike, and it must be possible 15 years since I rode one properly. But as soon as I got on, I was off.
The gears I dont understand at all, but through trial and era I will work them out. My friend Garret joined me and tried to explain them, but it made no sense :-D

I have to get used to the body postion, as my shoulders started to ache, and I wont even go into how sore my butt is now! Next shopping soft comfy seat!

So with 3 months to go before the triathlon, I have now tested the waters of all 3 parts of the race. I will use this first month to get comfortable in each discipline slowly and then begin to contemplate bringing them together, although there is no way I can practice the swim part as race condition.

I need a siesta now.

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