Wednesday, 22 February 2012


My trainer ( has given us an 8 week plan for the triathlon in May so, I have time, but im using this first few weeks to remind myself there are 3 sports to consider: Im not sporty, ok dancing is nearly a sport but its a totally different mindeset. I can do a 1.5-2 hour performance, ending on a high but tired, but its totally different. Im sharing something with an audience, they are giving me energy, im changing costumes, I waiting for my entrances...the adrenalin is there but its a differente momentum.
So this month im retraining my brain as well as my body.

I ran a little on its time for swimming.

This is the part that freaks me out the most. I kid you not....the last time I "swam" was in a 5 star hotel pool doing a light back stroke taking in the sun.
So today I went to the pool with my new swimming goggles (kids age 6-14...I have a small head! - at least I got a shopping trip out of this experience!) and decided to remind myself how to swim.

Its the breathing technique that I dont have and if Im to do a race, I have to get this sorted. The pool seemed to be full of pensioners, a couple who actually reminded me of the way to do it when they saw me practicing! The googles felt tight but there was no way my head was going under without them.
Luckily the monitor on duty gave me a couple of exercises to do and after half an hour in the pool I felt comfortable again and didnt splutter with a mouth/nose full of chlorine water by the end of the session.
300m really is very little and in a relaxed situation I would be quite calm...BUT....I will have probably 100 people splashing and kicking by my side (well probably way in front of me actually!) and the water will be black, cold and full of god knows what. How the hell do I prepare for that??

Oh $%*@!!!!!

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