Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 1 - realisation

Last week I decided to do a Triathlon. I was inspired by a lovely email from my trainer and thought hell, why not. I had no idea what I was actually getting myself into.
Over the last few days Ive decided to read up and see what Im going to be putting my body though for the event in 3 months.
Yes im a dancer, but the endurance needed for what I´m about to do is so far out of my regular existence, its not funny.
Im doing the super sprint beginner triathlon, which I know for many of you is a doddle....but I dont swim with my head underwater and I havent cycled for years.
Its "only" 300m swim, 7.7km bike and 2km run.
See thats all fine seperately but the 3 together?? why?? :-D
After a full weekend of dance I usually keep Mondays free chilling in my pyjamas and trying to clean the flat whilst watching tv shows on my PC. Today I decided to go for a run. Well it was a jog. I dont have a fancy iphone telling my what distance Im doing so I tried to guess what 2km would be.
I ran down to the river near Piramides and low and behold they have the distances marked on the side of the pedestrian/cycle/running track. Its actually quite lovely there. The new Retiro :-)
I think I did 3 km no problem, although my thighs did feel a little tight after it. It felt good to see other people running and cycling, it really is another world. Is it ok to say "hi" as they pass? :-D or is that obvious I´m a newbie?!?
I have done some running before, in Retiro maybe 2 or 3 times (ive been in Madrid nearly 7 years...ahem)
On the way back home I decided to pass the swimming pool to get the times and prices. Now Ive never been a strong swimmer. Im happy with the breast stroke head above water taking in the views. Ill be going into the pool probably tomorrow to see if I can get my breathing technique right. Im a wimp really in the pool, but then of course today I actually realised we swim in the LAKE in Casa de Campo for the triathlon. The bloody lake!!! So there will be loads of other people diving in racing like their life depends on it, and Im going to concentrating on breathing and not drowning! Oh my god!
This will probably be where I need to train the most. Lucky the local pool is 3 mins from my house but I have to forget about nice shiny straight bollywood hair, if im training 3 times a week, this hair will take only so much blowdrying and straightening. Curly afro is it then for 3 months!
Tomorrow Im back in the gym with my trainer and he is organising a training plan for all of us. I will get my head around the cycling soon. Im trying not to panic just yet. Ive never owned a bike, but of course once Im back on a bike it will come naturally, just the endurance of doing the distance is the issue.

Ive never given up on anything ever.......

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